Finding Your Perfect Wedding - Details

April 18, 2017


The perfect is in the details


Clouds are dancing through the deepest of blue skies on July 7, 2007. The sun has created an amazing 77 degrees. There is a slight

breeze in the air, feathering in the aroma from the mint field that is just over the fence from your grandparents’ huge backyard. This is not the first wedding that your grandparents’ yard has seen. It seems like everyone that is important to you in your family has gotten married there. You are getting ready in the white tent placed perfectly in one corner of the yard. Your whole life, you have envisioned this day. You are finally alone for a few moments and you calmly sit down on the most comfortable red velvet settee. There on the table is the bouquet you have dreamed about your whole life. 

    This bouquet has the combination of every flower that you have always adored. The look and smell of the bouquet is intoxicating. The white roses and gardenias compliment the edges of the pink Asiatic lilies. The florist was offended and frustrated when you told them that your compliment to this piece of art was dandelions growing in your grandparents’ backyard. 

   Your grandparents never had a lot of money. Your grandfather was a hopeless romantic and had passed away just five short years ago. Every morning he would get up before your grandmother and, if there were dandelions in his backyard, he would pick a bouquet, put them in this old ceramic coffee cup and place them on the kitchen table, just for her. Those dandelions in your bouquet mean more to you than almost anything else that you have planned as part of your wedding day. 

   Planning this type of event clearly has profane aspects. Nevertheless, it involves a few sacred objects and sacred moments that are unusual and extraordinary and that transcend normal routine. Some brides even claim that items seem to magically reveal themselves as they shop. Your perfect wedding requires you to focus on what is important to you and how it fits into your wedding day.   Can you see the little thing that the bride in the photo above choose to include in her day?  They also gave her daughter a ring during the ceremony as a commitment to her that they will also be good parents.

   Think about the little things that are sacred to you and your fiancé because these things will be the special little things you will remember. The guests that are at your wedding may not even notice these little things. Perhaps only the people closest to you recognize the significance of the details that you have put into planning your wedding that mean the most to you. It’s okay. These things drive the flawlessness of the day. These details don’t have to be objects. They could be a small ritual that you and your fiancé have together. They could be the way you hold each other’s hand. It can be as simple as a color that you both like or remind you of a moment that you spent together.

   You will have to make sacrifices based on your budget and you are going to need to sift through a ton of whirling information. You will need to maintain a clear understanding of what you want and do your best to find the vendors and products that you will need to accomplish this task. In the fallowing blog posts I will talk about how to be ready for the wedding of your dreams.

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